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Husband is doing medical and travelling arrangements for Umer Sharif : Reema Khan

Celebrated Pakistani comedian Umer Sharif, who appealed to PM Imran Khan for urgent medical treatment in the US, will get treatment by Pakistani cardiologist and husband of actor Reema Khan, it emerged on Sunday.

“Omer Sharif is one of the great comedians of the subcontinent. He is undoubtedly a true legend of all times. He always worked hard to make others laugh and smile,” he said in a post on Instagram. 

The actress said that Dr. Syed Tariq Shahab has agreed to perform the high risk procedure and is assisting the family in making arrangements for his travelling to the United States.

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Reema Khan said that I have requested him to help Umer Sharif to recover from this disease.

Actress Reema wrote that today she is upset to know that he is in pain and suffering due to his serious illness.

“I am proud of my husband who is trying to bring Omar Sharif to the United States for medical treatment,” Reema wrote.

Legendary actor who has made a name himself all over the world has his own unique style.He is a cultural asset of Pakistan and have a distinguished status as Pakistani cultural ambassador to the world.

King of Comedy is admired and respected among Indian showbiz fraternity as well,many indian showbiz personalities have expressed good wishes for Umer Sharif and have requested the government of Pakistan for his treatment abroad.

Omar Sharif’s wife, Zareen Ghaza,said that the Prime Minister’s House is in constant touch and the visa process is underway.


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