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Ready for all conditions, can not say openly: Sheikh Rashid

Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, referring to the situation in Afghanistan, said that we are prepared for all kinds of situations, can not talk about it more openly.

Talking to media, Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that imports and exports were taking place at Chaman and Torkham borders.

“There is no refugee situation on the border yet,” he said.

Sheikh Rashid says that visas are being issued 24 hours a day in the Interior Ministry, the people of banned TTP and ISIS are in the hills and Nigar area of ​​Nooristan.

He said the banned TTP and ISIS were in touch with the Taliban.

“We have made it clear to the Taliban that we will not intervene or interfere with Afghanistan,” Rashid said.

The Federal Interior Minister said that 98% fencing has been done on the Afghan border, security forces are present, so far the situation is satisfactory.

He said that some Pakistanis have also returned home from Torkham border yesterday.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed further said that efforts are being made to prevent the banned TTP from using Afghan soil against us.

The Federal Home Minister also said that he would brief the nation on the situation regarding border visas in a press conference tomorrow morning.


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