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US Pak Education & Culture Association (UPECA) has mission to provide educational assistance to all levels of society and promote culture globally through organizing intercultural workshops, seminars, shows, events. Our presence is to ensure education accessible at all levels to empower individuals for creating stronger, more humane, creative and sustainable communities.

UPECA aims to provide help to people develops skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world, and contributes to a more peaceful global community by humanizing international relations.

UPECA encourages established personalities of United States and Pakistan to join our team and play pivotal role in our organization. UPECA open to work with other civil society organizations as partner in their educational and cultural programs.


  • To provide assistance for establishing primary and secondary schools across ruler and urban areas.
  • To establish vocational training and skill development centers.
  • To work on preservation and promotion of endangered art and cultures.
  • To organize events and seminars promoting artistic expression and creative education in rural and urban areas empowering youth to build their capacities and enhance their abilities.
  • To organize and produce theatre and films.
  • To promote inclusive approach and engage with government institutions, civil society and media for the promotion of music, arts and culture.
  • To host workshops, presentations, panel discussions and conferences related to art and its connection with digital outreach, arts management, production, promotion and marketing.
  • To promote mutual understanding between United States and Pakistan through arts and cultural exchange.



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Contact for donations and help :

Haris Bin Saif (Pakistan): +92(333)2575936

Waseem Ahmed(US):  +1(586)344-3903