The Consumer Protection Court East of Karachi has imposed a total fine of Rs 30,000 on the online shop on a request to provide torn clothes to the consumer.Karachi's Consumer Protection Court hears petition for online clothing shop

The Consumer Rights Protection Council of Pakistan (CRPC) Chairman Shakeel Baig welcomes the decision and urges consumers to go to court to seek redress. Such decisions will increase the pressure on sellers to provide better quality and discourage online scammers.

During the hearing, the court ordered the consumer to give a new pair and imposed a total fine of Rs 30,000 on the shop selling clothes online.

"People come to the courts for justice. If they do not pay the fine, further fines may be levied. Online fraudsters will not be exempted under any circumstances," the court said in its remarks.

During the hearing, the petitioner said that I was given torn old clothes instead of new ones. I had bought clothes on the occasion of Culture Day.

The petitioner said that he could not attend the function as she could not get new clothes.