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Old Water Pumps at Dhabeji station affecting Karachi supply

KWSB ,chief engineer for bulk supplies, Zafar Palejo has confirmed that the pumps were in bad condition but, he said that the broken ones in the video have been repaired.

The problem is that the machines are 55 years old and constantly need repairs. Karachi’s demand for water has grown to over 1,200mgd and Dhabeji just cannot keep up. This is why the city has routine disruptions in supplies.

The machinery was first installed in 1956, then additions were made in 1971 and in 1978. The last works were done in 1984.

In 2020, a new 100mgd pump house was started at Dhabeji to draw water from Hub canal to supply the people who live in District West. Palejo said that KWSB is discussing the rehabilitation of Dhabeji Pumping Station with a World Bank team. “The Board has prepared proposals on the request of the World Bank,” he added.

The consultants will work on energy load assessments. “We have a plan to create a separate energy load assessment at each pumping station,” he said. KWSB has managed to separate the energy load assessment for the 100mgd station at Hub Canal.


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