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UK coronavirus variant spreading rapidly in country, warns Asad Umar

Asad Umar, head of the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) and federal minister for planning, says the British version of the corona virus is more dangerous and is spreading rapidly in the region.

A meeting of the NCOC was held under the chairmanship of Asad Umar. In a media briefing after the meeting, Asad Umar said that decisions are taken in the NCOC in view of the future of Corona.

Asad Umar said the decisions taken in the past weeks were not being implemented as they should have been.

He said the new Corona variety from the UK is more dangerous, spreading rapidly, the Corona epidemic is spreading rapidly across the region, and in the last five days, the number of critically ill Corona patients has risen alarmingly.

The Federal Minister said that in the first wave there were 3300 patients in critical condition and in the third wave 2,842 patients are in critical condition.

In yesterday’s meeting, Federal Minister Asad Umar had directed the provincial administration to strictly implement SOPs and said that violators of SOPs should be dealt with severely.


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