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UK foreign minister Dominic Raab to visit Pakistan today: FO

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is expected to arrive in Pakistan this week to hold talks on the evolving situation in Afghanistan in the aftermath of the Taliban takeover of the country.

The two-day trip was finalised on Tuesday by diplomatic officials in Islamabad and London, reports citing people familiar with the development said.

Per his plan, Raab will “visit the region” to hold talks on the evacuation of those left behind in Kabul after the withdrawal of foreign forces.

The foreign secretary is currently in Qatar where he arrived Thursday hours after he was grilled by MPs on the Foreign Affairs Select Committee about the British withdrawal from Afghanistan.

He defended his handling of the crisis, saying the UK was “caught out” by the speed of the fall of Kabul to the Taliban, with intelligence at the time suggesting it would hold out until the end of the year.


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