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Tax imposes on more than 5 min of mobile call : Shaukat Tarin

Federal Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin has said that mobile phones will be taxed at 75 paisa for more than 5 minutes, flour and products, SMS and internet will not be taxed.

Speaking in the House, Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin said that talks will be held with the tax payer, he will not be arrested, harassment of FBR is everyone’s problem, because of this the tax payer does not file returns. We will create a third party which is a legal structure, we will only audit.

He said that the tax on gold and silver has been reduced from 17% to 1 to 3%. First of all, money will be spent on agriculture. When the PTI government came, the biggest problem was the current account deficit of 20 million. Growth was made on loan in past, the government had no choice but to go to the IMF, the IMF had set strict conditions for Pakistan.

The Finance Minister said that the discount rate was increased to 13%, tariffs were increased, the result was that the growth came to 2%, outbreak of Corona was additional challenge, despite other difficulties including Corona, Imran Khan made bold decisions. Yes, the Prime Minister took steps for the development of the construction industry, he took steps for the development of the export and agricultural sector.

He said that our growth has reached 5%, if the economic wheel does not turn then there will be no job creation, this time we will make comprehensive and sustainable development, we will provide interest free loans up to Rs 300,000 for agriculture, in urban areas. An interest free loan of up to Rs.

Shaukat Tarin said that tax on gold and silver has been reduced from 17% to 1 to 3%, tax on gold value addition will remain 17%, no tax has been levied on flour and its products,  Tax on vehicles from 800 CC to 1000 cc has been reduced, tax on income of government employees has been withdrawn, revenue target for the new financial year has been set at Rs 5,800 billion.

He said that FBR will not be allowed to harass the citizens, 12 different holding taxes are being abolished in the budget of the new financial year, taxes on milk, yoghurt and dairy products are being withdrawn. They are bringing the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčagri-malls to end the role, they will spread the network of agri-malls all over the country, they will eliminate the profit margins of the middlemen, the middlemen are getting 4 to 500 percent profit.

Federal Finance Minister says that Rs 45 billion in incentives are being given to the industry, tax on e-commerce has been abolished, there will be zero tax on registered e-companies, 2% tax on unregistered companies, tax on eggs will be abolished. We will continue to provide textile incentives, introduce my car scheme.

He said all the demands of the IT sector have been met, IT will export 6 to 8 billion dollars, every citizen can take a housing loan from a bank, the construction package grew, the construction industry accounted for 4% growth. Yes, Rs 260 billion has been fixed in the Ehsas program this year, 1. 1.1 billion has been fixed for the corona vaccine.

Shaukat Tareen further said that Imran Khan wants to introduce electronic voting system, Rs 5 billion has been fixed for electronic voting system, Rs 900 billion is being paid without using electricity, Imran Khan forbade increase in electricity tariff.

He also said that targeted subsidies would be given to low-income people on electricity and flour. The previous governments did not have money in the budget for the dam project. The previous governments thought that the dam projects would not be completed in their time. , Imran Khan has put money in the budget for the dam project.


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