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Sheikhupura: Nawaz Sharif’s land auctioned

Former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif’s land in Ferozepur area of Sheikhupura has been auctioned.

In this regard, a person named Chaudhry Muhammad Botha made the highest bid, Chaudhry Muhammad Botha invested Rs. 11 lakh per acre.The land auction process has been completed in Sheikhupura Municipal Office.

In-charge bidder Ajmal Farooq said that the court would be informed about the bid price of the property and the court would decide on the successful bidder.

Six claimants of land also appeared during the auction, claiming to be the hereditary owners of the land.

Talking to media, Mohammad Botha said that if any good work is being done in the country, then everyone should take part in it.Influential personalities are also subject to the law.

He also said that it is the job of the administration to look after the land claimants, when the government conducts the auction, we will participate.

Earlier, the former prime minister’s 11 acres of land was put up for auction.

The court order for auction of Nawaz Sharif’s property was read out.

Mukhtar Habib, the claimant who came forward during the auction of the property, said that we are the hereditary owners of this land, the land is ours, how can it be auctioned?

Another claimant, Naveed Nasir, also said that it was our inherited property.

On this occasion, the management directed the land claimants to approach the court.

The administration is inviting more people to participate in Nawaz Sharif’s land auction.

It was announced in the auction hall that if anyone wants to participate in this auction, they should bring their data.

On the other hand, Sheikhupura authorities have decided to continue the auction process till 4 pm.

It is pertinent to mention that the property in the name of Nawaz Sharif is being auctioned today in Feroz Watwan area of Sheikhupura in connection with which the district administration of Sheikhupura has put up banners inside and outside the hall.

The auction price of Nawaz Sharif’s property has been fixed at Rs 7 million per acre.

A person participating in the auction of the former Prime Minister’s property will have to post a bail of Rs 1 million.

The auction of Nawaz Sharif’s property was ordered on April 22, 2021 by Judge Syed Asghar Ali of the Islamabad Accountability Court.

A committee headed by Additional Deputy Commissioner Dr Faisal Saleem is overseeing the auction process



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