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Opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif delivers uninterrupted speech in NA after three days

Opposition leader in the National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif has said that that 220 million people have elected MNAs of both sides of aisle for their representation but what happened in last few days in National Assembly, sent a very bad image of Pakistan internationally.

Shehbaz Sharif further said that if the pockets of the people are empty then the budget is fake, new taxes of Rs 383 billion are going to be levied, more than the budget. Poverty will come and inflation will skyrocket.

Addressing the National Assembly, Shehbaz Sharif said that new income tax of Rs. 120 billion is being imposed in the budget. If you could not build a new Pakistan, you would show the nation something.

He said that the people have sent us for their representation and solution of their problems. What happened in yesterday’s meeting was very unfortunate. Every day expenditure of the House is worth crores of rupees. It was decided that we will talk, we will also listen to the government, yesterday a very wrong message has been sent all over the world.

The Leader of the Opposition said that the recent legislation in the National Assembly was not in accordance with the Constitution and the law. The legislation was blocked in the Senate. Taxes have been piled up in three years, the bread of the poor has been halved, we cannot estimate what happened to millions of people in three years.

Advising the Speaker to take the position with him, he demanded from the Speaker to form a committee on hasty legislation.,on which the Speaker assured to remove the reservations and said that a joint committee would be formed. Which will review the current legislation.

He further said that 40 per cent loan has to be taken to meet the defense budget. If the alarm is not sounded, things will get worse. The recovery of electricity bills has come down from 93 per cent to 98 per cent. We had made the electricity however they dropped it on people there had been been enough electricity, If there were enough electricity, would it be a present load shedding?

Speaker of National Assembly Asad Qaiser on Thursday lifted a ban on seven MNAs who were barred from entering the House over ‘disorderly’ conduct.

The staff and security of the National Assembly have been informed about the decision of the Speaker. Seven Members of National Assembly were barred from entering the parliament over ‘grossly disorderly’ conduct.


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