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No one is safe from Shahzad Akbar today, Raja Riaz

Raja Riaz, a key leader of the Tehreek-e-Insaf Jahangir Tareen group and a member of the National Assembly, openly verbally shelled Shehzad Akbar, Imran Khan’s special assistant for accountability.

Criticizing Shahzad Akbar, Raja Riaz said that he was doing everything, his performance and work in everything was zero by zero.

He said that no one is safe from Shahzad Akbar today, it is not known yet why and how it came from. These are the ones who are doing everything.

The PTI leader further said that all the cases filed by Shehzad Akbar so far, whether they were against PML-N or PML-Q or PTI, were proving to be false.

He said that the cases filed by the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Accountability were being returned and the accused were being granted bail.

Raja Riaz said, “I will tell Shahzad Akbar that if he has anything to do, then catch someone from whom something can be recovered.”

He said that what Shahzad Akbar is doing, whether he is against PML-N, PML-Q or PTI, there is conspiracy in it.We will say that the Prime Minister should avoid such conspiratorial people, they are creating misunderstandings.

The PTI leader also said that now that they have brought up the Hudabia Paper Mill case, they will get nothing but embarrassment.

He said that Imran Khan has made PTI with great effort and what Shahzad Akbar is doing to it, may God have mercy on it.

Raja Riaz said that FIRs against Jahangir Tareen were sent from Islamabad. The Punjab government took action against MPAs of Tareen group.

He said that Jahangir Tareen group MPA ‘s said that we should announce the group, Punjab government has started targeting us.

The PTI leader said that we do not need a parliamentary leader in the federation, Saeed Akbar Nawani will be the parliamentary leader of Jahangir Tareen group in the Punjab Assembly.

He said that the Prime Minister had said in the meeting that there would be no injustice from the federal or provincial government. Imran Khan said that there was no such thing as forming a group, you are a part of PTI.

Raja Riaz said that we have no complaint from the federation. The Prime Minister fulfilled his promise to the extent of the federation. Imran Khan is neither a conspirator nor a retaliator.

“We are decent people. What should we do if we are targeted like this?” In fact, some people have become a trap around Imran Khan, it is targeting different people.


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