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Senate ticket sold to Saifullah Abro for Rs 350 million, reveals Liaquat Jatoi

PTI Sindh central leader and former chief minister Liaquat Ali Jatoi made a big political explosion regarding his party.Liaqat Jatoi has revealed that PTI has sold a Senate ticket to Saifullah Abro for Rs 35 crore.

The former Sindh Chief Minister said that three or four people in PTI have given Senate tickets to their favorite people.

He further said that I do not want to talk about Abro, I don’t even consider him worthy enough to be mentioned.

Liaquat Jatoi also said that as you have asked the question, let me tell you that Saifullah Abro has been sold a Senate ticket for Rs 350 million.

He said that Saifullah Abro joined PTI 6 months ago, I would like to know on what basis and merit he has been given ticket for Senate election?

Special assistant to PM Shahbaz Gill said in a statement that Liaquat Jatoi has made an allegation about the Senate ticket today.

He said that if he could not prove his claim, the party would take stern action against him and Saifullah Abro would file a defamation suit against Liaquat Jatoi.

He further said that Jatoi Sahib himself been involved in nab cases, he is needlessly alleging others.

According to the latest details,Saif ullah abro has sent legal notice to Liaquat Jatoi through his lawyer for alleging him in buying a senate ticket in 350 million.

The legal notice said that Liaqat Jatoi has made allegations without proof, he should apologize for his statement or pay Rs 2 billion in damages.


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