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Senate passes opposition resolution on corona vaccine

Govt suffers defeat in senate as senate passes opposition’s resolution, asking government to provide free or at-price Coronavirus vaccine.

The resolution on Corona was moved by Kamran Murtaza of JUI-F in the Senate, with 43 votes in favor and 31 against.

The text of the resolution said that corona vaccine is being given to citizens in all countries, vaccine is being given free in most countries, while vaccination is very expensive in Pakistan.

The text said that Pakistan has contracted a private company to order the vaccine. The price of the vaccine in the country is Rs 8,400, in other countries the price of the vaccine is Rs 1,500, this is a violation of Article 38 of the Constitution.

In the Senate session, Ali Mohammad Khan, on behalf of the government, objected to the writing of the resolution on Corona, saying that Corona is a national issue and should not be politicized.


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