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SC extends detention of Omar Sheikh in Daniel Pearl murder case

The Supreme Court has extended the restraining order of Omar Sheikh for one day, the accused in the Daniel Pearl murder case of the American resident in charge of South Asia for the international newspaper Wall Street Journal.

A three-member bench headed by Justice Umar Ata Bandial heard the detention case of Umar Sheikh. The court sought all the records of the case from the Sindh High Court and issued notice to the Attorney General and adjourned the hearing till tomorrow.

During the hearing in the Supreme Court, the Attorney General took the position that the Sindh High Court had decided to release him without listening to the federal government. In such cases, the position of the federal government is mandatory, the federal government was not even made a party in the Sindh High Court.

Rejecting the Attorney General’s plea to suspend the release of the accused, the apex court remarked that it would hear the government’s position till tomorrow. How can a citizen be detained if the government says so?

Justice Umar Ata Bandial remarked that Umar Sheikh’s current status in jail is maintained for 24 hours, no new order should be issued for his detention, we want to hear this case, it is a matter of a citizen.

Omar Sheikh’s assistant lawyer told the court that the lawyer is Mahmood A. Sheikh is not well, the trial should be adjourned for next week.

He further said that Umar Sheikh has been in illegal detention for 10 months, to which Justice Umar Ata Bandial said, “We will look into why Umar Sheikh has been detained. This is a serious matter.”

The lawyer said that Ahmed Omar Sheikh is innocent, those involved in the Daniel Pearl murder case were released, the wrong man was caught under American pressure.

He told the court that Ahmed Omar Sheikh had a law degree from the UK, he would have been a better lawyer than me if he had not been in jail.

Justice Umar Ata Bandial said that the order to keep Omar Sheikh in custody was extended many times. Justice Sajjad Ali Shah said that tell us the reasons, why Omar Sheikh has not been released yet?

The Attorney General said in the Supreme Court that a decision of the court must be given notice to the federation, if the decision to release Omar Sheikh is suspended then there will be global repercussions of his release.

Justice Sajjad Ali Shah while talking to the Attorney General said that you are not a party, we have appointed the lawyer of Omar Sheikh to hear the case.

Justice Sajjad Ali Shah asked, “Tell us, when did the detention order of Omar Sheikh end?” Assistant counsel Omar Sheikh told the court that the detention order had expired on December 1.

The court sought a record of the order sheet from the Attorney General to review whether or not to issue a notice.


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