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Fact Check: Did Saudi billionaire female marry her Pakistani driver?

Islamabad: A video of a wedding has gone viral on social media in Pakistan. Netizens and even some local news channels of Pakistan started claiming that the bride in the video is Saudi billionaire Sahoo bint Abdullah Al-Mahboob while the bridegroom standing next to her is her Pakistan origin driver .

After the video went viral on social media, the BBC tried to verify the claim. Although the broadcaster could not find out the complete truth behind the video, it discovered many details.

When the broadcaster tried to search about Sahoo bint Abdullah Al-Mahboob, it found nothing. However, it found the same video shared on Twitter on December 24, 2020, that claimed the woman is Yasmeen bint Mashal al-Sadri.

The video shared on December 24 has not even mentioned that the woman is billionaire.

The information shared by Ahmed too could not be verified as he did not respond to the broadcaster’s query.

Apart from it, no news of a Saudi billionaire woman marrying her Pakistani driver has been published in the local media of Saudi Arabia.


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