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Sarwat Gilani hit back haters after they take a jibe at her for kissing picture posted by husband

Pakistan’s celebrities are no strangers to social media trolling, but the candidness of Sarwat Gillani, as she claps back at trolls who tried to shame her, comes as a breath of fresh air.

A crusader of sorts who is vocal about her opinions, the Churails actor refuses to be driven by the moral brigade.

Actress took to her Instagram to address “all the haters in this world”.

“Stop following me if you hate me so much. You can’t bully me, I’m too bloody strong for your minute imagination,” the actress wrote. She was likely addressing the backlash she received after an image of her sharing a sweet peck with his husband, Fahad Mirza, while on vacation went viral.

Sarwat went on to add that people need to stop being jealous of other peoples’ success in their private and professional lives.

“Just because us celebrities don’t say anything, doesn’t mean you bullies have the right to say everything!” she said, ending it with, “It’s time for a much awaited SHUT UP CALL! With love, of course!”

The JPNA star recently appeared in the show “To Be Honest” which was streamed on the YouTube channel Nashpati Prime.

In the show, the host asked Sarwat how they felt when Sarwat and her husband Fahad’s intimate picture were massively trolled on social media to which she responded,

“We were in Rome and that’s the reason we got a bit romantic and captured that picture, even Fahad asked me 10 times before posting it on social media and I refused. When he asked me for the eleventh time I was so annoyed of him asking about it, again and again, that’s why I told him to post it”.

Further, the Khasara star smilingly added, “After the picture went viral I received hundreds of messages from the fans asking me what is this?”.


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