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PM Imran Khan warns for water scarcity in future,emphasizes on planting trees

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the problem of water is coming in the future, so it is necessary to grow trees.

The Prime Minister inaugurated the country’s first smart forest by planting a tree in Sheikhupura ‘Rakh Jhok Jungle’. Addressing the inauguration ceremony, Imran Khan said that 10 million trees would be planted in this project.

He said that Rakh Jhok is a big project of the country, even the PML-N government has not implemented this project, new technology will show that trees are being cut down here.

He said that sewage water of Lahore is flowing in Ravi river, there was no pollution in Lahore, Lahore witnessed environmental catastrophe, water problem is coming in future, therefore it is necessary to grow trees.

Imran Khan said that we have to make a better Pakistan for our generations, Rakh Jhok is a big project of Pakistan, we have to leave a better Pakistan for the next generation, we have to be thankful for the blessings that Allah has given to Pakistan. ۔

Imran Khan said that I have seen forests being destroyed in Pakistan, as the forests have been reduced, our animals have also become extinct.

Imran Khan said that Rakh Jhok project was a difficult project, this project was planned under Musharraf, this project was not made even in PML-N government, we have removed all the obstacles, more obstacles will come.

The Prime Minister said that this project will provide employment to the people, will bring in PKR 40 billion, have to face more difficulties in the project, we have to resolve that we will not allow any difficulty to stop this project.

Imran Khan said that he has seen the destruction of the environment in Lahore, Lahore was never polluted, Lahore was called the City of Gardens, Lahore’s sewage water is flowing into the Ravi River.


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