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PM Imran Khan urges people to get vaccinated, terms Indian-virus variant ‘the biggest concern’

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday while urging the masses to take advantage of availability of sufficient stock of vaccine, advised the people to get vaccinated against coronavirus fearing that Indian virus variant could spread in Pakistan.

The prime minister said that the coronavirus is constantly changing its form and the biggest problem for the world, including Pakistan, is the virus that spreads from India.

“If we managed to contain the fourth wave, we will save the country from devastation,” he said.

In a video message addressed to the nation today, the premier referred to countries including Afghanistan and Indonesia hit by the Delta variant and expressed concern over the upward trajectory of Covid-19 cases in Pakistan, just days after they were on the decline.

“We fear the Indian variant could strike Pakistan and as a precautionary measure, we need to adhere to the SOPs,” he warned.

While thanking people for abiding by the SOPs on his previous appeals, he urged the masses to continue their cooperation with the administration and compulsorily wear masks at all places, especially “restaurants, wedding gatherings, and indoor spaces, because such spots are extreme contributors to spread of the virus.”

The premier said he knew people had become tired of following the SOPs for over a year, but said: “We will further put your test stamina to test for your own safety.”

He said it was not a herculean task to wear a mask.

Talking about the downsides of a lockdown on the country, the prime minister said: “When you impose a lockdown, the most affected segment is the poor, and for the sake of our people, our economy, and our elders, I urge everyone to wear masks,” he appealed.

He said that Bangladesh and Indonesia had imposed strict lockdowns, adding that we need to take measures to prevent that situation from clutching us.

He also said the government had to ensure that sacrificial animals on Eidul Azha should be slaughtered at sites outside cities to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The premier also urged the masses to get themselves vaccinated.

“Unfortunately we do not produce vaccines, so we may get a bit late in vaccinating our entire population against the coronavirus,” he added.

He urged people, especially those in urban areas, to take the jabs.

“If we survive the fourth wave, we will be able to save our country,” he concluded.


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