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PDM Power Show: Nawaz directly accuses COAS,DG ISI for political engineering through Judiciary

PML-N supremo and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday accused the security establishment of being behind his ouster as prime minister and for “bringing Imran Khan into power”.

Nawaz, via video link from London, was addressing the Pakistan Democratic Movement’s (PDM) first power show in Gujranwala where top opposition leaders gathered to take forward their anti-government campaign.

He questioned who made the state above a state and who was responsible for the two governments in this country, among other things, going on to name COAS Bajwa.

“This is your doing,” he said.

He also named Lt Gen Faiz Hameed as being behind everything.

“You can label me a traitor if you want, seize my properties, file false cases against me […] but Nawaz Sharif will continue to speak for his people.”

The PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto  Zardari opened his speech thanking the PML-N for hosting the jalsa. He then went on to talk about Gujranwala’s Abdul Waheed Qureshi, Yaqoob Khokhar, Sher Mohammad, Zubair Shah, who are PPP workers who made sacrifices. “This is why aj bhi Bhutto zinda he!”

“Tabdeeli or change is that today in Pakistan we have historic inflation,” he said, “We have historic poverty. The Tabdeeli is that we have historic unemployment.”

He went on to give the prices of eggs, tomatoes, onions. “Young people are going around with two degrees in their hands, but they can’t find jobs,” he said. This is crisis, not tabdeeli, he said, referring to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s election campaign slogan for ‘Change’.

He talked about how the PPP had started the Benazir Income Support Program, raised pensions 150% and for the army jawans, raised their salaries 175%. “This is the awami solution to inflation,” he said. “But what is Imran’s solution? If there is inflation, there is the Tiger Force. If there are locusts, there is the Tiger Force.”

Imran Khan had promised jobs but people are unemployed. He promised homes but people are homeless. He promised he would not take loans but in two years he has taken the country’s highest loans. “He promised inqilab or revolution,” said Bilawal. We did see a revolution–in his ministers’ bank accounts. All records of corruption have been broken.

“You’ll have to make one law for all Pakistanis if you want to root out corruption,” he said, referring to how some people are let of the hook. “We need across the board accountability to end corruption. If there is an accusation, then do investigate a former president, a former prime minister. But then, if there is an accusation, do also investigate a general and a judge if this is the case. Send them to jail too. Then you can say there is justice.”

The JUI-F leader Maulana Fazal ur Rehman continued in the same vein. “The fake rules are going to reach their logical end soon,” he said. “The democratic forces have started their movement from Gujranwala. From today, a sea of people will come to Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar and Lahore.”

The government will not see the coming December, if you show the courage, he said. “Today, 15 members of the Opposition made PM Khan run away from parliament,” he added, referring to what took place earlier in the day in Islamabad on the floor of the house.

“If they are selected and there are selectors,” Maulana Fazl said. The “selectors” do not want to be known, but how can they not been named when they have sacrificed democracy to bring someone to power. “Are the selectors embarrassed with the performance of who they selected or they are still proud of him?”

“The budgets you presented in the past two years were prepared by the IMF,” he said, pointing at the PTI government. “You are not the representative of Pakistan but an agent of some foreign power.”

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawz opened her speech at the event with Punjabi. She was the first leader to address the crowd. 

“Nobody should have the right to throw your representative from Prime Minister house,” she said. “Imran Khan says General Zaheerul Islam has asked for Nawaz Sharif’s resignation because he was corrupt. Did Zaheerul Islam have any right to ask for the prime minister’s resignation?”

She opened her speech in Punjabi and referenced inflation and poverty. She talked about media silence and censorship. “The media has been chained,” she said. “This is the reason why nobody talks about your corruption. You say all institutions are on the same page with us. Imran Khan remember it doesn’t take time to turn a page.”

She went on to say: “When I hear Mian sahab’s speech, I get scared because I am his daughter, but respect or insult are in the hands of Allah.”


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