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PDM demands PTI govt to step down by January 31 or get ready for long march

Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman said Monday that the 11-party alliance’s lawmakers would hand in their resignations from the provincial and national assemblies on December 31.

The development comes a day after the PDM yesterday rally in Lahore.

“Today, we want to make it clear: The government should resign till January 31. If it does not, then the [PDM leadership] will announce a long-march on February 1,” Fazl said as he addressed a press conference along with PML-N vice-president Maryam Nawaz and PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto.

However, Fazl said that the final date for the long-march, despite the February 1 announcement, a date for it would be finalised later.

The PDM chief appealed to the people to start preparing for the long march. Fazl said that following yesterday’s successful public rally, the 11-party alliance has signed on a joint statement.

“The schedules issued to the provinces by the steering committee will remain intact,” he said.

Furthermore, the PDM chief said that the alliance’s leaders and the steering committee members would hold meetings with the party leaders of their respective provinces.

Terming Sunday’s public meeting a success, Maryam said that those who turned up to attend had to stand outside the venue just to listen to the speeches. “I have never seen a rally like this in all my life. Despite the cold, I could not see a single chair.”

She said that despite all odds, including the coronavirus outbreak and the “fascist” government, the people of Lahore turned out “in the thousands”.

She added that some channels had started “propaganda” against the opposition before she had even left for the venue. “Our media didn’t show the truth but foreign media, such as BBC and Al Jazeera, have shown a mirror to certain elements of our media.”

The PPP chairman added that all parties under the PDM were one and will make decision together from the alliance’s platform.

“As far as dialogue is concerned, then the PDM’s stance was presented yesterday in front of the people of Lahore. The time for dialogue is over. Now is the time to March and for Imran’s resignation.”


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