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Pakistan recieves news doses of Sinopharm and Pfizer covid-19 vaccine

A new consignment of coronavirus vaccine Sinopharm from China has reached Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.Sources said that 792,000 Sinopharm doses have been brought to Islamabad from China.

On the other hand, another consignment of American Corona vaccine Pfizer reached Pakistan. According to sources, the foreign airline arrived with a dose of 64,000 Pfizer vaccines, Pakistan has purchased 13 million doses of Pfizer vaccine.

Sources said that a dose of 100000 Pfizer vaccine had reached Pakistan last month. The Pfizer vaccine will be given to people who want to go abroad. The Pfizer vaccine will also be given to people suffering from chronic diseases.

According to sources, Pakistan has purchased Sinopharm vaccine from a Chinese company.

Sources said that a consignment of Sinopharm vaccine of Corona virus from China reached Islamabad last nightŪ”

The sources further said that two consignments of Sinopharm vaccine will be brought from China in the next 36 hours.

Sources also said that 1.2 million doses of Sinopharm will be brought from China in these two shipments.


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