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UN Session: Pakistan demands deployment of international protection force in Palestine

Pakistan has called for the deployment of the international protection force in Palestine to protect the Palestinians from the heavy bombardment by Israeli forces.

“If the Security Council cannot agree to send the protection force, a coalition of the willing can be formed to provide at least civilian observers to monitor accession of hostilities and supervise the provision of humanitarian help to the Palestinians,” Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said at an emergency session of the United Nation General Assembly on Gaza Thursday.

“The General Assembly should call for concrete steps to protect the Palestinians.”

The death toll from Israeli strikes in Gaza has risen to 232, the Palestinian health ministry said Thursday as it confirmed five new deaths.

Twelve people have been killed in Israel from the Palestinian rocket fire, according to Israeli authorities.

“Death echoes in every home in Gaza,” FM Qureshi said in his speech. “So far, over 50,000 Palestinians have fled their homes.”

Israeli air strikes are bringing down entire buildings to kill and terrorize the innocent Palestinians, the minister said.

“Gaza is plunged in darkness, literally and metaphorically. The only light is that of Israeli explosions,” he said.

“The voice of the Palestinian people cannot and will not be silenced.”

Without naming the US, FM Qureshi criticized those who prevented the UN Security Council from demanding cessation of hostilities.

“It is appalling that the Security Council has been unable to exercise its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security,” he said. “Those preventing the council from doing so bear heavy responsibility.

“Our first priority must be to halt Israeli aggression,” the foreign minister said.


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