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I can tell the full story of why Pakistan lost 70 million usd: Broadsheet CEO

Broadsheet chief Kaveh Moussavi says the people of Pakistan have a right to know the full facts, justice should not only be done but it should be seen to be done. If the commission is serious about the facts, then I can help Pakistan. I can tell the full story of why the dollars were lost.

Speaking to news channel, Kaveh Moussavi¬† said it is ridiculous that all records of the commission’s payment of 1.5 million pound to Broadsheet has disappeared.

He said that NAB paid money to Jerry James to defraud the government of Pakistan and legal expenses of 20 millions usd were paid for defending the wrongful payments.

Chief Broadsheet said the commission was thought to have been set up in good faith but seems now being used for political purposes.How can the facts come to light without the testimony of the main character of the scandal.

Moussavi said that according to reports, Justice (Retd) Azmat Saeed is going to send the report of the commission to the government in a few days, I can give ‘online testimony’ without going to Pakistan.

He said that the London High Court froze the accounts of the Pakistan High Commission on the request of Broadsheet for non-payment.

He said he had informed the commission that Pakistan has to pay 1 million pound for the broadsheet.



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