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New TV channel GB News launches in UK

The new TV network GB News hit the airwaves on Sunday night after months of heated speculation over its potential impact on the British political discourse, triumphant announcements of presenters poached from rivals, and combative Twitter spats with critics.

The channel, which went live last night with a special welcome programme, pulled in average viewing figures of 164,400 between 7pm and 11pm, equivalent to a 1.1 per cent share.

This beat BBC News, which recorded 133,000 viewers, and was almost triple the 57,000 people who tuned into Sky News, according to data from ratings organisation BARB.

The figures will come as a major boost to GB News, which has promised to shake up the British TV news market.

Introducing the new channel, former BBC veteran Andrew Neil said it would “not be an echo chamber for the metropolitan mindset”, adding that it was “proud to be British”.


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