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MQM-L’s Kehkashan Haider runs a target killing network in Karachi : CTD

MQM-L’s Kehkashan Haider has been running a network of hitmen from Texas, Counter-Terrorism Department DIG Omar Shahid said on Thursday.

In a press conference with the Sindh Rangers on Thursday, the CTD revealed an audiotape of Haider talking to a man, suspected to be a target killer, and offering him money.

“Look, I had told Elia to give you 15, okay. I’m

working on something, if everything works out, I’ll try to arrange 50 more for
you by the next week.,” the MQM-L leader was heard saying.
“Ji baji [Okay, elder sister],” the man replied.

Haider told the man that if the “job” is done well, she will pay him between Rs100,000 to Rs200,000. “See, there will be one pilot. And there will be another one. You don’t have to make small talk with any of them.”

She reiterated that the job has to be completed and invited him to a place where the “number plates will be changed”.

You’ll get the best and the latest stuff. The door of luck will open on Friday, the man replied.

Referring to Haider’s audio clip, DIG Shahid remarked that the matter will be taken to the Foreign Ministry and then to the US authorities. “It’s alarming that a woman who is a US citizen, sitting in Texas, is giving these directions like a mafia don.”

Sindh Rangers Colonel Shabbir said that the target identified by Haider caused sectarian rifts. “We wanted to bring it to your notice how these people are trying to spread chaos in the country from abroad.”

DIG Shahid affirmed that investigations into the matter


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