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Maluana Tanvir ul Haq part ways with PTI,joins PPP

Former Karachi senator Maulana Tanveer-ul-Haq Thanvi has announced his disassociation with  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and joining the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).

Maulana Tanveer-ul-Haq Thanvi announced his joining PPP after meeting PPP Sindh President Nisar Khuhro.

On the occasion, PPP Sindh President Nisar Khuhro said that Maulana Tanveer-ul-Haq Thanvi is leaving PTI and joining PPP.

He said that the people are struggling to be the source of power, the hopes of the people are with the PPP, the federal parliamentary system is the name of moving forward by tolerating each other, politics and politicians in the country are being defamed.

Nisar Khuhro said that the people who talk of forming a government in Sindh have been rejected. These people will be rejected all over the country. Arbab Rahim should first state how many parties he has changed.

He said that any political party has the right to do politics in any province, Imran Khan has brought someone else in Sindh above the opposition leader on which Haleem Adil Sheikh should think what is his status now.

The PPP Sindh president said that those who questioned the 13 years of Sindh government should also question those who ruled for 40 years.

On this occasion, Maulana Tanveer-ul-Haq Thanavi said that along with religious services, he would play a role in solving the problems of the people in politics.

He further said that Sindh is our land, we have to live and die in Sindh, he hoped that PPP would benefit from our capabilities.

Maulana Tanveer-ul-Haq Thanvi also says that he was not active in PTI while PML-N is entangled in its own problems.

It is pertinent to mention that Maulana Tanveer-ul-Haq Thanvi was elected senator on MQM ticket. He had joined PTI a few months back.


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