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Four killed after Kashmala Tariq’s protocol vehicle crashes into car

Four people were killed and two others injured when a speeding vehicle collided on the Srinagar Highway in Islamabad. Kashmala Tariq’s husband and son were in the vehicle. Police have registered a case of accident in which the son of a former MNA has been named.

The dead were identified as Anis, Haider, Faisal and Farooq. Two others were injured in the accident and were shifted to PIMS. After the incident, Kashmala Tariq’s husband fled the scene with his bodyguards. People at the scene arrested the driver and handed him over to police.

According to police, the three deceased belong to Mansehra and efforts are being made to contact their heirs.

Kashmala Tariq said her son was in the car behind hers, while she and her husband were in the same one. “This whole matter is being blamed on my son but the driver was unable to control the car.

“It was a terrible accident and I feel sadness in my heart for the children who lost their lives,” she said.

The former lawmaker explained that everyone, including her son and her husband, had gone to the police station after the horrific crash in which her convoy was involved.

“Justice will be served but please don’t unjustly drag anyone’s child” into the matter, she underscored, adding that neither her nor her family tried to escape the crash site. “In fact, we even called an ambulance ourselves,” she added.

“We were travelling in two vehicles. We left Lahore around 7pm yesterday and crossed the toll plaza at around 10:30pm. My husband and I were in the same vehicle.

“As we reached the Kashmir Highway, we experienced a sudden shock and push and got injured. The driver was unable to control the car. It was a terrible accident,” she stated.

Kashmala Tariq said she was upset over the loss of lives of the children who were in the car that her convoy hit.

“We have children ourselves too. There is no substitute for human lives,” she stressed.

“My son was in the car behind us… I don’t understand what kind of media trial is this. The CCTV video of the accident should be shown.

“My son’s pictures are being broadcast and shared everywhere when, in fact, he was riding in the car behind us. If, in any way, this was our fault or had we been driving, then we bring our hands together to apologise.

“I have no words. Please don’t misreport and show only what’s is true,” Tariq added.


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