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Karachi: Poultry prices skyrocket after hike in milk prices

After increase in prices of dairy products, consumers now have to bear the added burden of increasing rates of poultry.

In Karachi, price of chicken was recor­ded at Rs260-270 per kg for live bird and around 500 per kg for meat without giblets — The white meat has registered an Rs. 34 per kg increase in a week to the disadvantage of those who cannot afford red meat, mutton, and beef.

The price of chicken is constantly rising across the country, however, on the other hand, the city administration has been silent on the matter. The situation is worse in other cities including Karachi.

Poultry farmers blame the exorbitant hike in the rate of poultry feed for the increase in prices of chicken meat and eggs. They said that chicken feed has become twice as expensive as the chicken will be expensive. The farmers also claim that the cost of energy, as well as poultry medicines, had registered a 100pc increase during the year and all these factors added to their production cost.


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