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K-Electric to hike power tariff over Rs6 per unit

The K-Electric has demanded increase In power tariff for six months under monthly fuel cost adjustments (FCAs).

Residents of the port city will have to bear an additional burden of Rs6.52 per unit if the power company’s pleas for the hike are granted.

The K-Electric sought a Rs1.97 hike in per unit price of electricity on account of fuel adjustment cost for the month of Jan, Rs2.49 for Feb, Rs1.49 for March, Rs0.86 for April, Rs0.64 for May, and Rs0.211 for June.

Separately, the Karachi-based power utility has also sought about 37 paisa per unit increase in its normal tariff under quarterly tariff adjustment (QTA) for January-March 2021 period.

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) had decided to hold public hearing on these petitions on July 28 to examine if data provided by the power companies justified such tariff increases.

According to a notification, NEPRA has scheduled a public hearing for KE’s request of Monthly Fuel Cost adjustments for the months January 2021 to June 2021 and quarterly tariff variation for March 2021.

It read, “These requests are in line with the mechanism given in KE’s Multi-Year Tariff whereby changes in Fuel prices, generation and power purchase mix are passed through along with certain annual adjustments.”

The major impact in monthly fuel cost adjustment is due to fuel price increase as furnace oil prices went up and the average impact of these 6 months will be PKR 0.49/Kwh.

“FCA will be charged to consumers based on their consumption during respective months. These requests will be determined by NEPRA and will be charged based on NEPRA’s decision.”

It added, “The quarterly tariff variations include requests for March 2021 PKR 0.366 / kWh, with GoP’s policy of Uniform consumer tariff across the country, these variations are not likely to impact consumers.” 


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