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Hamza Ali Abbasi quits acting to preach Islam

After teasing earlier that he will soon make a big announcement by the end of October, Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi announced on Thursday night that he is quitting his successful acting career to focus on Islam.

Returning to social media, Hamza said in a detailed video that he is leaving Pakistan showbiz industry and instead will now spend his life to talk about Allah and spread the message of Islam through every medium. He added that if he will produce any documentary or movie or drama it will be about Islam.

In the same video, he also shared his story of his journey from atheism to Islam.

Hamza is quite vocal on social media and has a huge fan following. With this video, has launched his YouTube channel, which the actor will use as medium to preach about Islam and the day of judgement. Hamza said he wants to succeed on the Day of Judgement rather than in his acting career.

However, Hamza will remain active part of Pakistan politics and said he will always stand with what he feels is right for the betterment of the country.


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