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No more excuse, Govt must perform : PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan said Tuesday the PTI-led government did not “have excuses anymore” and that it was the “time for performance now”.

“We have to take our performance to the next level. We no longer have the excuse that we are inexperienced and learning because we came into power for the first time,” he said while addressing a signing ceremony of agreements between the prime minister and federal ministries to evaluate performance of various departments and sectors in achieving targets in Islamabad on Tuesday.

When we [the PTI] came into the government, it took us three months to understand things,” he said, adding that Pakistan needed to review its systems. “We’re gradually learning things [even now].”

PM Imran Khan mentioned that his government would now follow the A-grade projects and fast-track other top ones as they usually “get stuck in one ministry or the other”. He explained that for a year-and-a-half, figures of the power sector could not be ascertained.

“Many ministries performed well but some did not,” he acknowledged.

Prime Minister Imran assigned targets to various ministries to improve governance and prioritise projects, especially rationalising the power sector and subsidies, encouraging wealth creation, and enhancing exports.

PM Imran said power sector is the biggest challenge for his government as subsidies worth billions of rupees is being provided to both rich and poor segments of the society.

“There is a need to rationalise provision of subsidies to the targeted populace and deserving people as well as for the development of backward areas,” he added.

The prime minister stressed on the need to enhance exports and control inflation in the country. He said growing bill of pensions is also one of the biggest challenges the country is facing. He directed to formulate a comprehensive plan to meet this challenge.

PM Imran said concentration will be further made on the agriculture sector to increase productivity and job opportunities for the youth.


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