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Delta Variant wreaked havoc in the United States,death toll rises to 89%

The ‘Delta’ variant of Covid-19 has caused a massive devastation in the United ​States, with nearly 118,000 cases reported in two weeks, while the death toll has risen to 89 percent.

Frances Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, says the United States has not been so successful in its fight against corona.People did not show urgency for getting vaccinated now heavy price being paid for such delay.

He said that the United States is not standing on that point where it should have been in the war against Corona.

Florida is breaking records on the number of new COVID-19 cases and is now leading the nation in per capita.hospitalizations as the far-more-contagious delta variant sweeps across the unvaccinated. 

The widespread of ‘Delta’ variant still not stops in Australia and China, while New South Wales has extended the lockdown to rural areas.

Chinese health authorities reported 96 new confirmed coronavirus cases on Sunday, 11 fewer than a day earlier and more than a third of them in the province where the latest surge in infections began.


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