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The country’s economy is booming, good times are coming: Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the country’s economy is running, good times are coming, the country is in the right place at the moment.

Addressing the groundbreaking ceremony of Rashkai Economic Zone, Imran Khan said that people used to panic if they did not panic, difficult times keep coming, just like we have  overcome Corona, hardly three or four countries would have overcome.

“Opponents are also surprised at the GDP growth. We are not going to win by rigging, we are going to win by a neutral umpire,” he said.

Imran Khan in his speech said that he decided not to impose lockdown in time, I was pressured for lockdown, if I had imposed lockdown, the situation would be like India today.

He said that in the past no attention was paid to exports, Rashkai Economic Zone falls within C-Pack which is welcome, Pakistan’s future is in industrialization, China is the fastest growing country in the world. Pakistan can learn a lot from China’s economic development

He said that investors would be facilitated in the economic zone, adding that there was a need to set up an industry for exports in Pakistan and the country would not develop unless exports increased.

Imran Khan said that two and a half years ago Pakistan Bank was corrupt, debt had increased, thank God we came out of difficult times, gave economic stability to the country.


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