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Chickens are being infected with another new virus, experts confirm

Experts have confirmed that chickens in the country are suffering from a new virus.Professor Tahir Yaqub, director of the Department of Microbiology at the Veterinary University, has confirmed the presence of the new virus in chickens.

He told news media that chickens have started getting infected with the new adenovirus.Professor Tahir Yaqub said that even before Adeno, the chickens had the Ranikhet and influenza viruses.

He said that chickens were suffering from nervous system and respiratory diseases due to the three viruses.

The veterinary university professor added that the new adenovirus, made the Ranikhet’s vaccine ineffective.

He said that the chickens have been suffering from the new virus for the last two months, due to which 4,000 chickens are dying on a daily basis.

Prof. Tahir Yaqub also said that small and juvenile chickens sold in urban markets should be avoided.

He said that only chickens weighing 2 kg should be bought from urban markets.


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