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Captain Safdar arrested in Karachi for violating sanctity of Quaid’s mausoleum

During a raid at a private hotel in Karachi early morning, police have arrested Captain (retd) Muhammad Safdar for violating the sanctity of the Quaid’s mausoleum.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) vice-president and wife of Muhammad Safdar, Maryman Nawaz took to Twitter and said, “Police broke my room door at the hotel I was staying at in Karachi and arrested Capt. Safdar.”

Police broke my room door at the hotel I was staying at in Karachi and arrested Capt. Safdar.

Police were put under “extreme pressure” to arrest Captain Safdar, Maryam Nawaz’s Spokesperson and senior PML-N leader Mohammad Zubair said, quoting Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah.

“Murad Ali Shah personally confirmed to me his police had nothing to do with this. They were put under extreme pressure,” Zubair told reporters outside Karachi’s Aziz Bhatti police station.

“I am a former governor and I was not allowed inside the police station, even the lawyers were not allowed inside the police station, nor were they allowed to meet [Safdar],” said Zubair.

Zubair called the arrest a “sting operation carried out by the state” by “pressurising” Sindh Police.

“We condemn this and this is state terrorism. If we do not condemn this today, then we all will have to face this tomorrow,” Zubair told reporters after the arrest.

The PML-N leader said that they had they been “wondering for quite some time” how the ruling party would “react”.

The former Sindh governor explained that Maryam was staying in the same room from where Capt Safdar was arrested, and that there was no need to “break” into their room.

“When you break the door and enter, what is the fear? That Capt Safdar would have run out? He is in a hotel!” Zubair exclaimed.

He added that law enforcement could have waited at the “exit points very easily” and could have arrested Safdar “very easily” when he would have come out of his room.

“They planned on arresting Maryam Nawaz and Capt Safdar so the blame will go on Sindh government and Sindh police. But the facts are against it,” said Zubair.

Senior PML-N leader Talal Chaudhry on clarified that Maryam Nawaz had not been arrested after reports circulated that she had hurriedly left the hotel where she was scheduled to address a press conference.

“Maryam Nawaz has not been arrested,” Talal said in a statement.

He was responding to queries after some media reports claimed that she had been taken into custody after being nominated in a case lodged at Karachi’s Brigade Police Station.

PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb also dispelled the rumours that she was taken into custody.

“Fake news reports are being spread about Maryam Nawaz’s arrest,” Aurangzeb said, adding, “the PML-N vice president will address the press conference at around 03:30pm”.

Separately, Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani also rejected reports that the PML-N leader has not been arrested.


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