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Azaan Sami Khan releases music video for ‘Main Tera’

Azaan Sami Khan has many songs to his acclaim and has proven to be a musical genius time and again. With his recent production, ‘Tu Hai Mera‘, garnering praises from critics and fans alike, Khan has managed to take up another challenge on himself. Stepping into the world of singing, Khan is ready to release his debut album, Main Tera. The title track by Azaan Sami Khan was released on February 10 after much hype, with other tracks expected to release soon after.

Before making his debut as a singer, Azaan composed for Pakistani films like ‘Parey Hut Love’, ‘Superstar’ and ‘Parwaaz Hai Junoon’. He is also the co-writer of the film ‘021’, and the Mahira Khan starrer ‘Superstar’.

“Honestly, my parents are really critical of my work and it is hard to impress them. They have high expectation from me, so they do not get pleased easily. I remember Baba told me once that the day your song will be played in a remote village where even though people do not understand the language of the song and the song touches their heart, that is the day you arrive as an artiste. That hasn’t happened yet! He also commented on social media when I posted the first poster of my album. It means the world to me,” Azaan told.

Azaan’s new album also features the voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. “Although I have earlier worked with him, this was a very special collaboration because it is my first ever solo album, it is like my own baby. So I very humbly went to him asking if he would like to sing the song and he was graceful enough to do so. It is a blessing for me, I am fortunate,” said Azaan.


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