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Attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange was planned in India: PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan while speaking in the National Assembly on Tuesday said that Pakistan has “no doubt” that India was behind yesterday’s terrorist attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi.

“What happened in Mumbai, they wanted to do the same [in Karachi]; they wanted to spread uncertainty. We have no doubt this was done by India,” the premier said, referring to the 2008 Mumbai attacks in which more than 160 people were killed.

The Prime Minister said our neighboring country has a major plan to destabilize Pakistan.

“Even the world’s powerful army cannot stop such attacks,” he said and paid rich tribute to the security agencies.

Regarding lockdown in the country, Imran Khan said that he cannot shutdown the entire country by imposing lockdown, adding that he was never in favour of imposing complete lockdown.

Appreciating the performance of his team, the prime minister said that his government tried to keep our construction industry running. “Special focus is being given to the construction sector and he is personally monitoring it as it will provide job opportunities to the youth,” he said.


PM Imran said that there is no threat to the PTI government as long as its stick to its ideology.

Rejecting the criticism of the opposition, he said the government has just completed twenty months in office. He said the opposition is making hue and cry on the performance of the government as more details of their corruption are surfacing and they want to get away with it.

Imran Khan said that Pakistan is currently passing through difficult times but expressed the confidence that it will become an example for the whole developing countries after getting out of the challenge posed by Covid-19. He said the agriculture and small and medium enterprises are other sectors that will be extended full support.

Khan further said that Covid-19 has inflicted a major blow to the economies around the world including Pakistan, adding that Pakistan witnessed a shortfall of one trillion rupees in the revenue collection due to the breakout of the pandemic.

“The only way to control coronavirus is smart lockdown and the world is also accepting this reality,” he said adding that there has been no confusion in our policy to tackle the situation arising out of the Covid-19.

The premier also pointed out that cash assistance was given to the deserving families in the most transparent manner. He also hailed the services of Doctors and paramedical staff saying they are waging Jihaad in hospitals.

Imran Khan said a program has been prepared to bring reforms in the institutions including PIA and Pakistan Steel Mills. He pointed out that Pakistan Steel Mills was running in profit back in 2008 and now its liabilities stands at 250 billion rupees.

He made it clear that it is our mission to go after the cartels and Mafias who are exploiting the people. He also regretted that these mafias had the patronage of the previous governments.

Referring to the inquiry into Sugar Scam, Khan said the regulators including FBR, Competition Commission were hand in glove with the mafias.

He said that sugar mills were given subsidy of Rs29 billion but in return they only paid nine billion rupees in taxes. He assured that these mafias will be brought under the law.

The prime minister reaffirmed the commitment to build Pakistan on the golden principles of State of Madina.


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