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Afghan ambassador’s daughter tortured, another taxi driver arrested

Another taxi driver has been arrested in connection with the torture of the daughter of Afghanistan’s ambassador to Pakistan.

A taxi driver involved in the incident is already in custody, while a search for a third driver is underway.

According to sources, two taxis were used in the incident and two taxi drivers have been arrested so far.

Afghan Ambassador Najibullah Ali Khel shared a picture of his daughter on social media, saying that another woman’s picture was circulating on social media incorrectly, which he did not even know.

The incident took place in Islamabad on July 16, after which Prime Minister Imran Khan took stern notice of the abduction of the Afghan ambassador’s daughter and directed Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid to arrest the accused within 48 hours. To go

A statement issued by the Foreign Office yesterday said the alleged abduction and torture of the Afghan ambassador’s daughter was “intolerable” and was committed to providing security for diplomats and their families.

A Foreign Office spokesman said the Afghan embassy had reported that the Afghan ambassador’s daughter had been attacked while riding in a car.

As soon as the incident was reported, Islamabad police launched an immediate investigation.


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